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Ecommerce Product Photography

As an ecommerce store, chances are your company depends a lot on photos to sell products online. But if the pictures aren’t good, you might be losing customers every day! Good product photos really impact how people buy and how much you sell. No matter how big or small your business is, if you’re selling something that people can see, having a focused photo campaign makes your business look more professional. Plus, it helps you showcase your products in a way that’s as good as or even better than what your competitors are doing. This article gives you tips, benefits and insights into ecommerce product photography.

What’s ecommerce photography?

Ecommerce photography involves the creation of excellent images specifically designed to promote and sell products and services online. The importance of high-quality product photography cannot be overstated in the realm of online sales.

Typically, these product photos are captured against a clean white background, ensuring a professional and focused presentation. However, some brands choose to explore more creative avenues, such as lifestyle photography and various other styles, allowing them to add a unique and engaging touch to their product showcases. The goal is to capture the attention of online shoppers and effectively communicate the value and appeal of the products being offered.

8 Types of Photography to Consider

Diving into the world of product photography reveals a spectrum of styles, each offering its own distinctive advantages. By understanding the nuances of each photography style, ecommerce businesses can strategically deploy these techniques to enhance their online presence, effectively communicate brand messages, and ultimately drive customer satisfaction and sales.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography goes beyond merely displaying products; it encapsulates your brand’s essence. By portraying products in real-world scenarios, it helps potential customers envision how a particular item could seamlessly integrate into their lives. Authenticity is key here, steering clear of overly staged or artificial setups to establish a genuine connection with your audience.

Studio Image Shots

When clarity, simplicity, and an attractive presentation are paramount, studio photography takes center stage. Perfect for product and catalog pages, these shots leave no room for ambiguity — what customers see is precisely what they get. While many opt for clean and unobtrusive backgrounds, some brands inject creativity into their settings to reinforce their unique brand identity.

Scale and Detail Shots

Overcoming the challenge of gauging a product’s size online, scale shots provide a tangible sense of dimension. Customers can better understand how an item will fit into their space or lifestyle. Detail shots zoom in, showcasing intricate features and textures, allowing potential buyers to examine the product up close before making a decision.

Group Shots

With some products sold in multiples, variations, or combinations, group photography becomes instrumental. It offers customers a comprehensive view, addressing considerations like color options, sizes, and possible product combinations that might be overlooked in individual shots.

Process Shots

Elevating the perceived value of premium products involves highlighting the craftsmanship behind them. Process shots, often shared on social media, provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse of skilled artisans at work, reinforcing the dedication and expertise that sets your brand apart.

Packaging Shots

Recognizing the vital role of packaging in the ecommerce journey, packaging shots become integral. These images not only assure customers that their orders will be securely delivered but also serve as an extension of your brand, conveying its identity and reinforcing the promise of a satisfying unboxing experience.

Flat Lays

Particularly popular in the realms of fashion and accessories, flat lays offer a visually striking perspective. Captured from directly above, this minimalist approach not only catches the eye but also aligns seamlessly with the aesthetics of websites, contributing to a cohesive and engaging online shopping experience.

Individual Shots

As straightforward as it sounds, individual shots focus on a single product or an individual showcasing an item. Frequently used for banner images, catalog features, and product pages, these shots bring attention to the details of a specific product, providing a clear and concise representation for potential buyers.

Mastering Ecommerce Product Photography

Set Up Your Studio

Creating a dedicated space for product photography is a game-changer. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a smartphone, a sturdy tripod ensures stability. Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting – set up near a window for natural light, and consider a white backdrop for a clean look.

Style Your Shots

Enhance your product photos by experimenting with various props, angles, and styling techniques. Explore diagonal setups for impactful eye-level shots, or opt for the C composition for flat lay product images. Adding life and context through creative styling can make your products stand out.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is the backbone of great photos. Whenever possible, leverage natural light from a window for a soft, appealing effect. Tackle shadows by understanding their location and quality. Experiment with diffusers and reflectors to control light intensity and spread, ensuring your products are showcased in the best possible light.

Take Your Photos

Stability is key to sharp, professional-looking images. Use a tripod to minimize blur and maintain consistency across multiple shots. Adjust your camera settings, such as aperture and shutter speed, to achieve the desired depth of field. Create an artistic blur by playing with shallow depths of field for captivating visuals.

Edit Your Photos

Even with great shots, a bit of post-production editing can elevate your images. Focus on sharpening edges, adjusting white balance for warmth, fine-tuning brightness and contrast, and subtly increasing color saturation for a vibrant, lively look. Striking the right balance is crucial, ensuring your products look polished and true to life.

When to Think About Hiring a Pro for Product Photos

While you don’t need to be a pro for stunning product pics, there are limits to the DIY approach. Pro photography can be a bit pricey, but if your budget allows, it’s a smart investment for a couple of reasons.

Top-notch quality

If you’re not a seasoned photographer, chances are you lack the top-tier gear and software for top-quality shots. A professional photographer, armed with the best tools, ensures high-quality product photos that’ll shine on your website.

Consistent editing

Using the same photographer brings a consistent touch to your photos—both in quality and style. Unlike DIY editing, where recreating the same look can be tricky, pros excel at maintaining uniform lighting, color, and positioning. This consistency not only builds a strong brand image but also keeps your customers coming back.

20 Benefits of Ecommerce Product Photography

Encourages Sales

High-quality and visually appealing product images create a positive first impression, capturing the interest of potential buyers and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Is Informative

Beyond aesthetics, product photos convey essential details such as product size, texture, and color, aiding customers in making informed decisions.

A Must for Selling Online

In the digital marketplace, where customers can’t physically interact with products, compelling visuals become a crucial tool for showcasing merchandise effectively.

Boosts Social Media Presence

Striking product images are shareable content, amplifying your brand’s reach on social media platforms and increasing audience engagement.

Bolsters SEO

Well-optimized images contribute to search engine optimization by enhancing the overall user experience and increasing the likelihood of your website ranking higher in search results.

Highlights Your Company’s Value

Consistently high-quality product visuals reflect a commitment to excellence, reinforcing the perceived value of your brand.

Influences Consumer Behavior

Studies show that consumers are highly influenced by visuals. Captivating product images create an emotional connection, driving purchasing decisions.

An Indicator of Quality

Clear, detailed photographs signal to customers that your business prioritizes quality, building trust and confidence in the products you offer.

Heightens Product Appeal

Visually appealing images showcase products in their best light, making them more attractive and enticing to potential buyers.

Illustrates Company Persona

The style, tone, and aesthetics of your product images contribute to shaping your brand’s personality and how it is perceived by your audience.

Jazzes Up Your Site

Well-curated product visuals enhance the overall look and feel of your website, creating a visually engaging and memorable online shopping experience.

Enhances Your Business Image

Professional product photography not only showcases individual products but also contributes to a polished and professional overall brand image.

Narrows Down Choices

Detailed product images provide customers with a comprehensive view, helping them make confident and informed choices among various options.

Reduces the Need for Ad Copy

Compelling visuals can communicate product features and benefits more efficiently than lengthy text, streamlining the customer’s decision-making process.

Drives Traffic

Appealing and shareable product images attract more visitors to your website, increasing the potential for organic traffic and conversions.

Fosters Credibility and Trust

Genuine and high-quality visuals build trust with customers, establishing your brand as reliable and credible in the eyes of the consumer.

Can Be Used as Guides

Beyond showcasing products, images can serve as instructional guides, demonstrating usage, assembly, or compatibility.

Gives You an Advantage Over Competitors

Unique, standout visuals set your products apart in a competitive market, making your offerings more memorable to potential customers.

Serves Mobile Users

With the rise of mobile shopping, clear and visually compelling product images cater to users who browse and make purchases on smartphones and tablets.

Boosts Visibility

In crowded online marketplaces, visually appealing products grab attention quickly, increasing visibility and making your offerings stand out to potential customers.


To thrive in eCommerce, it’s time to switch things up. Just depending on advertising words won’t cut it anymore. Nowadays, in the era of non-stop social media, a company’s product photos matter almost as much as the products.